May 4, 2021

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What Direct Hair Transplantation (DHT)? Dr. Pradeep Sethi Answers

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I’m a 34-year old man, and I am interested in having an FUE procedure. I have heard about a new technique called ‘DHT,’ but I have no idea what it is or how it is different from other methods. What is DHT?

Direct hair transplantation (DHT) is an innovative technique, some surgeons claim to be performing DHT, but at Eugenix Hair Sciences, we have perfected this technique. Hair transplantation has gone through innovative changes and evolution.

Hair transplant grafts are hair-bearing tissue; these grafts have evolved from the early days of plugs. In the 1980s, hair-plugs contained 30-40 hairs per plug. Therefore, the hair-plugs were bulky and had a doll-hair appearance. As hair transplant surgeons perfected their techniques, grafts began to get smaller and smaller. The hair transplant industry went from hair-plugs to micro-grafts to mini-grafts, and finally follicular unit grafts.

How is DHT Different?

Our focus has been higher graft survival and further refinement. DHT focuses on minimizing the amount of time the delicate grafts are outside of the body. In most clinics, surgeons extract grafts first then the recipient sites are created, and then the grafts are placed in the recipient sites. However, we reverse the stages with DHT. We first create the recipient sites, focusing on the design, angle, and density of the procedure. Afterward, we simultaneously extract the grafts and place them into the recipient sites

We start by administering anesthesia while using a vibrating machine to ensure minimal discomfort for our patients. Dr. Praddep Sethi, and Dr. Arika Bansal, create the recipient sites- which are tiny slits where we place follicular unit grafts; the recipient sites determine the design, angle, and density of the hair transplant procedure. The creation of the recipient sites will evaluate the artistry of the process and ensure the results look natural.

Once we create the sites, the team begins to work together to ensure the grafts are placed immediately after extraction. Doctors and technicians work together, as modern-day hair transplantation is a team effort. We use high-magnification equipment to ensure that the grafts are ultra-refined. Furthermore, we use sophisticated implanters to ensure we don’t damage the roots during implantation.


We have found that the DHT technique has improved graft survivability; by using this technique, we give our patients a higher chance of success. Hair transplant grafts are delicate, and if a surgeon carries out the FUE procedure in a careless manner, the grafts are not likely to grow.

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