May 3, 2021

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The Hairy Pill from Dr. Rodney Sinclair

Last year, I covered oral Minoxidil for hair loss in detail. One of the main proponents of this hair loss treatment is Dr. Rodney Sinclair of Australia. He is a world renowned highly respected dermatologist and hair loss specialist.

The Hairy Pill®

In 2019, Dr. Sinclair released something called The Hairy Pill (registered trademark). While the company website does not seem to mention oral Minoxidil, I am guessing that this pill contains Minoxidil as the key ingredient. Some online discussions suggest it also contains Finasteride, but I am not as yet certain.

The Hairy Pill results page has many before and after photos, of both men and women. Also make sure to visit their Instagram page.

The reason I decided to write about this pill today is due to the following Australian video that was just released:

YouTube Video

Ratings and Social Media

So far, the Google reviews and ratings for The Hairy Pill are a perfect 5/5 stars. Even after accounting for fake reviews, it is rare to see Google reviews averaging 5 stars. I am sure this rating will decline going forward.

The Hairy Pill Reviews
The Hairy Pill Google Reviews.

One the company’s own site, there are currently 51 reviews averaging 4.7/5 stars. Vouched by Trustpilot.

The Hairy Pill Cost and Side Effects

The monthly cost of 30 Hairy Pill capsules tablets is $75 for both males and females. You supposedly get personalized dosing and doctor consultations every 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and beyond. Sounds very professional.

It does not seem like anyone is reporting serious side effects so far based on the customer reviews that I read. According to the company:

“The underlying technology of The Hairy Pill® has been clinically tested by Professor Sinclair and his team via his clinical research company Samson Clinical.”

Note that I do not get any kind of commission from this product, and have not tried it myself. I assume that “The Hairy Pill” is available for shipping worldwide, but need to get confirmation.

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