May 4, 2021

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Hair Loss Companies and their Stock Prices

Hair Loss Companies Stock Price

Revised on February 12, 2020. I originally wrote this post in 2018, and it has now been updated.

Hair loss companies and their stock prices.

Almost every week on this blog, at least one person discusses the stock prices of hair loss companies that are publicly traded. I wanted to write this post for many years, but there were some issues that prevented me from doing so:

  • Is it worth covering companies such as Allergan, for whom hair loss related products represent a tiny fraction of overall revenues? i.e., unless they come out with a truly game-changing hair loss cure, their stock price will never be affected significantly by any new minor hair loss treatment product.
  • Does it make sense to include the numerous companies working on alopecia areata (AA) related treatments? The vast majority (over 95 percent) of hair loss patients suffer from androgenetic alopecia (AGA). A condition that is also known as male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss.
  • What about pharmaceutical companies working on brand name or generic versions of existing products such as Finasteride, Dutasteride and Minoxidil?
  • How about manufacturers of products such as laser hair growth caps, combs and helmet devices? Or even hairpieces, shampoos, concealers and so on.
  • How about companies involved in the manufacturing of hair transplant related tools and devices? Especially hair transplant robots such as ARTAS?

Public Companies Working on Hair Loss Treatments

For the time being, I am only including companies that are of most relevance to our ultimate goal of a hair loss cure. Perhaps I will modify this in future if a company develops a moderately effective hair loss product. Some currently privately-held companies (e.g., Samumed or Dr. Tsuji/RIKEN partner Organ Technologies) will be added to the below list if they go public.

It seems like we regularly see situations where a company makes a big positive announcement about its hair loss product development, only to see little change in its stock price movement. Or sometimes even an unexpected decline in its share price despite the good news. Finance and investing experts among this blog’s readers can try to explain such developments when they occur.

Hair Loss Company Stock Prices

Aclaris Therapeutics (ACRS) — Perhaps of most interest during the past year. 2020 Update: Not true anymore ūüôĀ Fast moving relatively new US-based company that is working on both AA and AGA treatments.

Allergan (AGN) — Working on a number of hair loss products such as Bimatoprost and Setipiprant. Hair loss segment accounts for a small portion of overall sales. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. 2019 Update: Allergan invested in several other new hair loss companies in 2019.

Cassiopea (SKIN:SW) — Its Breezula (formerly CB-03-01) product is causing some excitement in 2019 per one of my industry contacts.

Conatus (CNAT) — A new entrant in 2020 after its merger with Histogen. However, it seems like Histogen’s male hair loss product trials in Mexico never panned out as expected.

Follicum (FOLLI:SS) — Highly professional Swedish company, with its main area of focus being on its hair regrowth product.

L’Oreal (OR:PA) — World renowned cosmetics leader headquartered in France. They are working on 3D printed hair and grey hair reversal treatments.

PolarityTE (PTE) — Previous ticker was “COOL”. If their skin product succeeds, only a matter of time before this US-based company develops a hair loss product. Extremely fast moving new company with highly experienced and qualified key staff members. 2020 Update: PolarityTE common stock offering. Unfortunately, the stock price plummeted almost 50 percent today after that news.

PureTech Health (PRTC) — Although headquartered in the US, they are listed on the London Stock Exchange. Their hair loss segment is represented by Follica, which has been teasing us for over a decade.

RepliCel (REPCF) — A Canadian company that has been in the news in the hair loss world for a decade. Replicel’s drastically larger Japanese partner Shiseido (see below) is of much more interest to us when it comes to a hair loss treatment. However, for speculators and day traders, Replicel may be an interesting play.

Shiseido (SSDOY) — A Japanese cosmetics behemoth that is especially significant in Asia. Basic adenosine based adenovital shampoos and other related products represent a major portion of their overall sales. Besides working on a hair loss cure based on its own technology, Shiseido also holds rights to Replicel’s technology in Asia.

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