May 5, 2021

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Did I Pay Too Much For My Hair Transplant?


I recently underwent a hair transplant and paid close to $3,800 for 2,700 grafts. I thought I got a bargain, but I keep seeing reviews from guys who spent the same and got double the amount of grafts. Did I get a good deal?

It isn’t a straightforward answer because this depends on your results. There is so much emphasis on cost and graft-count that the results stop being the focal point. Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) though minimally invasive, is still a medical procedure. Unfortunately, thousands of hair transplant patients travel to places like Turkey, in search of the cheapest surgery, instead of the best results, and they end up permanently scarred with no other options.

Does Price Equal Success?

The price of the hair transplant procedure has no bearing on the overall ‘success’ of the result. You could go to an expensive hair transplant surgeon and have an adverse outcome and vice versa, but the difference is the aftercare.

Reports are coming from patients that these low-cost FUE clinics censor their unhappy patients on various Facebook group pages, unethical forums, and other social media outlets where they pay for advertisement.

We have heard that patients are threatened with lawsuits if they share their experience on the internet. The Hair Transplant Network is no stranger to lawsuits. We have been involved in nearly a dozen free-speech lawsuits, stemming from unhappy surgeons wanting us to remove negative reviews on our popular hair loss forum.

Hair Transplant Surgery Is SERIOUS!

Surgical hair restoration is a safe and minimally invasive procedure. That said, it is still a surgical procedure. A physician should be present at all times. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with Black Market FUE clinics. These clinics hire fly-by-night technicians with no medical background to perform the entire procedure without supervision.

Let me ask a rhetorical question. Would you let someone with no orthodontic training extract your tooth? What if I told you the surgery would be at a fraction of the cost. What if your car needs a new transmission, would you let a kid from Jiffy Lube with two-weeks training work on your vehicle? Safety and results over worth. We are talking about major cosmetic surgery, not a washer machine.

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